We adopted Zoey in the summer of 2008, and she quickly proved to be a welcome addition to our family. As we set about introducing Zoey to new experiences, however, we noticed that she was often confused, uncertain, or downright fearful, and she would sometimes react unfavorably. We assumed this behavior to be the result of her background (she had spent significant time living in a shelter; her prior history is unknown) and expected that it would disappear with time.

Instead of getting better, however, the problems worsened. We grew increasingly frustrated and confused, and were soon referred to Linn Boyke. After an in-depth consultation and observation, Linn provided his diagnosis: a lack of leadership. By providing virtually no structure or discipline, we had failed to establish ourselves as dominant figures. Zoey had stepped into the resulting void and taken control of the household. She did not believe us to be capable of protecting her, and would therefore act out when afraid. We decided to enroll Zoey – and ourselves – in the Zen4K9s Behavioral Rehabilitation program.

Once at the Zen4K9s facility, Zoey immediately began to receive the structure and discipline that she needed, erasing the negative habits that had been built up for months if not years. Meanwhile during our frequent visits, Linn and his team worked diligently to provide us with the necessary tools to control our pet in any situation, and perhaps more importantly, to build in us the confidence, strength and awareness needed to be effective leaders – qualities that can be very valuable well beyond the world of dog training and obedience.

Linn and his team are not only extremely knowledgeable about dog behavior, but also very enjoyable to work with. We began to look forward to our sessions as an opportunity to learn and have fun. They were willing to spend as much time as needed to help us get the most out of the program, and treated all of our questions and concerns with attention and respect.

Zoey has recently returned home and the changes are quite noticeable. Newly educated and confident in ourselves, we are providing Zoey with the structure, discipline and leadership that she needs to be a happy and healthy dog. In turn, she is increasingly trusting of us and in our abilities. Meanwhile, she retains all of her positive attributes that made us fall in love with her in the first place, and we can continue to do all of the things that we enjoy doing as a family.

Much work lies ahead, but we are confident that Linn and the Zen4K9s team have prepared us well, and we know that they continue to remain available to assist us today should the need arise.