TESTIMONIALS - Willie, Belle, & Louie

I was having persistent problems with my three Chihuahua’s barking. They were a nuisance to the neighbor’s and overly aggressive towards other dogs. I was very concerned with their behavior, which also included soiling the rug. I needed a solution to the problem. When I heard that Linn Boyke was one of only three apprentices to Cesar Milan, I was highly interested in his techniques and ability to work with my dogs. Within the first five minutes of his presence, my dogs were under his control, and very alert. I noticed drastic changes within my dogs in only one meeting with Linn. Their barking was under control, and I was taught how to be the pack leader. Because of his help my dogs are no longer the one’s barking, it’s now my neighbor’s dogs. All three of my dogs have settled down, are listening to me, and seem to like it! I highly recommend Linn as I have had other trainers but nobody has made it so easy, fast, and kind.
Dr. Jodi Rowe