Hi Linn,
It is with great happiness in my heart that I write you this note to let you know that the 6 pound, Silky "Terror" Terrier, that we had named "Max," got adopted last week.
Ken and I both want you to know how grateful we are to you.  Because of your training methods, Max was able to "open up" to four different people in a period of four months!  We really don't believe it would have been possible had you not opened your doors and your heart to taking our case and helping us to help him.
As you know, when I arrived at the shelter to pick up a Jack Russel Terrier, named Jasper, Max was in the "cell" next to him, all curled up in a corner.  The Animal Control Officer told me that Max was going to get euthanized the next day because he was a "menace to society."  Somehow I couldn't and wouldn't believe that something barely weighing six pounds could be a "menace" to anybody or anything!
Against better judgement and going purely off emotion, I decided to rescue Max that day and my partner Ken, who I affectionately refer to as my "dog whisperer," started working with Max as best as he could to get him to feel secure and start to trust.
Up to this point, there had been no dog that Ken could not have "turned around," but he had definitely met a challenge with Max.  That's when we decided to seek professional help.  We asked around other rescue organizations to see if they could refer us to someone who would take our case.  Your name was mentioned by Molly Stretten, President of the Burbank Animal Shelter Volunteers as someone knowledgeable in this area being that you primarily handled tough, "bully" or "power" breed cases.
Thanks to your acceptance to help us, we attended the two hour, one on one training.  With learnings fresh in mind, Ken started practicing your teachings every night with Max as part of daily "homework" sessions.  Within ten days, Max was a new being!  Max even amazed Ken one night when he came home from work by doing the "happy dance," and jumping about four feet in the air!  This is a dog that would yap as though someone were trying to kill him at the thought of trying to pet him.  If we tried to hold him, he would give us huge "whale eyes," and start to urinate and defecate on himself out of pure terror.
Not any more!  After your training sessions and a few weeks of "at home" practice with Ken, I started working with Max also so as to get him socialized to "others" because he was getting too attached to Ken.  After about ten days with me, we started having "meet and greets" with people interested in possibly adopting him.
The second person interested in adopting him, took him as a "challenge" and said she could relate to being "misunderstood," and needing someone to trust.  Amazingly, Max bonded to her and they are quite the pair!  Max's name is now Vito. Marissa says that after just two days of practicing your methods, Max was letting her hold him, pet him and was even being "social" to her friends who came over wanting to meet him.  Before this he would have run under the couch and started yelping!
We can't thank you enough for helping us to save Max's life and improving his probability at getting adopted.  You really got him out of his "shell," and fast forwarded all of us to getting him a great, fur-ever home!
We highly recommend you to all we meet in rescue and hope that we are able to work together in the future.
Happy Holidays and Blessings to You and Your Family,
Martie Petrie and Ken Guild
Co-Founders, Ken-Mar Rescue