TESTIMONIALS - Sierra & Emerson

My husband and I found out we were pregnant 2 months after adopting a 1 1/2 year old very energetic Dalmatian, Emerson who although is very friendly with people is unpredictable with other dogs and is very difficult to control. We also have a 4 year old mix, Sierra that we adopted almost 4 years ago. We knew we had to do something to address the behavior issues of both dogs before the baby arrived. We have always thought of our dogs as part of the family and didn’t want this to change once the baby came. Sierra was our biggest concern- although a very sweet dog she is very skittish and would lunge at other dogs and was very afraid of new people, especially kids.

We have worked with 3 different trainers over the years and although we would see slight improvement, nothing really seemed to work with Sierra.
We decided to have Sierra go through Linn’s Rehabilitation Program. While Sierra was going through the Rehab Program, we were able to visit frequently to learn how to work with Sierra. Linn and his trainers were always so supportive and patient and truly cared about the long term results for the dog and us. I was very hesitant to use the remote training collar because it seemed cruel to me. After seeing how Linn used it and how the dogs truly learned so much with this technique my opinion quickly changed. It has now been 6 months since Sierra went through the rehab Program and the changes are dramatic. Our nieces, that she used to snap at, now are able to pet her safely. She can walk by other dogs and not only does she not bark and lunge at them; she doesn’t even look at them. We didn’t realized how nervous or uncomfortable she was every day until we saw her completely calm. Sierra is a more balanced, happier dog and so are we!
Linn has also worked with Emerson and he is no longer that high energy, uncontrollable puppy. He has learned to listen and respond which has saved his life when he ran out on to the street. I can now control him on walks and he is learning how to interact with other dogs appropriately.

The biggest difference is that I truly believe Linn wants each and every dog he works with to be the best they can be for the rest of their lives. He never rushed through training sessions and he is always there, whether it is answering questions over the phone or in person. I can’t believe how much my confidence has grown with dealing with my dogs. I truly believe because of the basics Linn has taught me, I can handle any situation that we come across. It’s not about obedience it is about behavior.

We now have a beautiful 2 month old daughter, Hannah. Linn was there to introduce the dogs to Hannah and they have been respectful and calm around Hannah since the introduction. Linn has been back to visit as Hannah grows and changes and we know he will be there through each milestone to ensure that the dogs are adjusting properly. I love my daily walks with Hannah, Sierra, and Emerson which I never would have been able to do prior to working with Linn.
What we learned from Linn will stay with us forever both with our dogs and in life in general!

We can’t thank Linn enough for all he has done for us!
Nicole, Mike, and Hannah Crocker