Rudy is my first puppy and I hired a well known dog trainer as soon as I received him. Don’t wait for unacceptable puppy/dog behavior to be patronized by your dog trainer to end up in a serious, dangerous situation like I did to hire Linn Boyke of Zen4k9s to train you and your dog!

Before I met Linn, Rudy had a lot of training, but he became increasingly difficult to control instead of easier as he got older. At 16 months, I couldn’t let him in the yard off a leash or else he would take flight and bark constantly. While walking, he strained my arm by pulling on the leash and was increasingly aggressive to dogs, children, strollers and some adults. One day, while outside of our house, he became aggressive to a woman walking across the street. When I turned to take him inside, I fell and broke 3 leg bones and dislocated my ankle. In addition, I had dropped the leash and Rudy ran across the street and bit the woman in the behind. Unfortunately, this was not the first time my sweet, affectionate, adorable, 55lb Portuguese water dog had bit someone. It was obvious that we needed a serious change in his and our training.

When I first contacted Linn, I couldn’t walk without crutches and I couldn’t drive. I explained my situation and my dog’s behavior and Linn gave me the basics of his program. He said that if I couldn’t commit to do what he instructed me to do for Rudy’s sake, then he wasn’t the person for me. I made the commitment and he took Rudy for rehabilitation and I went into “detox”.

When Linn told me the price, I initially thought it was expensive, but after adding up everything I was spending on dog trainers, day care and other people exercising my dog, I realized that it was actually a very fair exchange. The type of training and focus Rudy and all of my family have received from Linn to achieve success was well worth it.

It has been a fantastic, interesting journey. Rudy is back at home is doing GREAT!  We have all worked diligently and there are major changes in his and our behavior. When at home, Rudy is in control and supervised. He doesn’t take flight around the yard and can sit quietly by our side for long periods of time. During walks, Rudy keeps a great pace and doesn’t pull on the leash.  I am still working with Linn to increase my confidence and awareness while walking Rudy, but I know that I will eventually be able to take Rudy any where..

Most importantly, Rudy still has his wonderful spirit and is as affectionate as ever, but he is not totally out of control and unmanageable.  Linn is obviously incredible with dogs and has the ability to observe every nuance. He is very detail oriented and these qualities also extend to working with people – Linn adjusts his method of communication and training depending on the individual he’s working with and what he thinks they need to succeed. 

We have spent a lot of time with Linn, learning to observe Rudy’s signals and set boundaries for his behavior. Linn has been responsive to our needs while making sure we are all reinforcing the training Rudy has experienced to ensure he is safe and happy. I highly recommend Linn if you have a dog that is aggressive, fearful, or out of control to improve your quality of life as well as your dog’s!