Roxy and I wanted to sincerely thank Linn for helping us learn how to coexist together peacefully. Before Roxy entered his rehabilitation program we had tried a handful of professional trainers who were unable to give us any insight or tools on how to handle her behavioral problems. Roxy was rescued from a local L.A. shelter and within days of bringing her home she was running the house and instilling fear and aggression to do so. We also soon came to realize that Roxy was aggressive towards other dogs on walks as well as blonde haired women (not good living in L.A.).

It was clear that she had no respect for us (or our things) and that she was growing more and more aggressive towards me each day we kept her. After leaving a handful of bruises and bite marks on me, we were stuck with the decision to either find immediate help or return her to the shelter. It was then when I found Linn and he assured me that this was exactly what he specialized in and to bring her in the next day.

After five weeks with Linn it was obvious that this was not the same dog that I had left there. Roxy was calm and respectful of her surroundings at all times and that made me calm and gave me courage to take over being the leader. From then on we practiced lots of exercise and structure inside the house as well as out. It was also very important to learn what her "triggers" were and how stop a problem before it escalates.

Roxy now lives a happy and normal life full of dog parks and off- leash walks! We have come a long way but the CONSTANT hard work and TRUST has paid off and I have the best friend and protector that I always wanted!

Forever Grateful,
Stephanie, Frank & Roxy