I’ve always wanted the companionship of a rescue dog. With an armful of training books and my strongest maternal instincts I laid eyes on Phillip, an abandoned puppy mutt, feeling like a hero. I showered him with food he’d never had and genuine love from a bottomless well of pure intentions. Eight months later he had attacked my next door neighbors mother, a man at the door seeking donations for the homeless, and a 6 and a half foot tall personal trainer who was having a beer and reading at a picnic table. Had any of these victims reported the bites to the police, Phil would have been put down. I scoured the internet for help, knowing that I didn’t need a trainer who would help with obedience, I needed a guide who had the patience and the instinct to help me save Phillips life, a second time. I was frantic and humbled, scared and desperate. I found Linn Boyke at zen4k9s and we became partners in reforming Phillip’s reality. I learned infinite amounts of dog psychology which allowed me to understand how my actions were being interpreted by Phillip, and Phillip learned that the world is a safe place. He is now the companion that I’d always dreamed of having. Together on our walks we greet neighbors and their dogs happily and both of us have been rehabilitated in the most direct sense of the word. Linn Boyke has the patience, the drive, the instinct, and the sensibility to enable dog owners to truly be strong, loving leaders. I am grateful every day for having found him.