I first heard about Linn Boyke from my veterinarian. I had brought in my dog Lucky for a routine vaccination and as we were heading to the exam room, he lunged at the vet, snarling and growling. This was not the first time that Lucky lunged and it always seemed to me completely "out of the blue". The doctor gave me Linn's card. So I gave him a call and decided to enroll Lucky in the dog rehabilitation program at Linn's center.

He stayed there for around 30 days and in this time I came to the Center to work with other dogs from Linn's pack. This allowed me to "practice" with other dogs so that I could develop skills and gain confidence before working with Lucky. There is so much that I have learned through my work with Linn that it would be impossible to list all of  them but here are a few:
how my body language and energy influences Lucky's behavior
how to recognize Lucky's behavior and how to respond
how to lead

My husband and I often quote some of Linn's sayings and not only when we're talking about Lucky, but also when we're talking about our kids. "Practice makes permanent" "You get what you pet" "If you don't know what to do, stop, get control, and then move forward" "Never let Lucky's intensity get higher than your own".

On a practical level, one of the best tools that I received from Linn was teaching Lucky to feel good about his crate. And, as Linn would say, "the words you use, are the actions you choose", so instead of a crate, my family calls it Lucky's "castle" and we have embraced the concept that putting Lucky in his castle is not punitive at all. In fact, Lucky loves going there because he feels safe and it's his sanctuary. This has changed our lives drastically because I can now put Lucky in his castle when we leave the house, at night, and anytime when the house is just too chaotic to give Lucky the kind of attention he needs (which is often with 2 kids in the home).

Now, three months later, I am not only a different dog owner but I have also been given tools towards gaining a deeper understanding into my life and how I want to live. Linn continues to help me with Lucky because I find it very challenging on a practical level, but it is ultimately up to me to fulfill Lucky's potential---and my own. I would not have gotten to this point without Linn and I am incredibly thankful to him.

Susan, Daniel, Alexandra (9) and Lara (7)