In desperate times for Koti and I, I was fortunate (unfortunate for Linn) to find Linn. Unfortunate for Linn because I know he is an intuitive, caring, healer when handling dogs, however, he had no idea he would have to find a way to handle a very anxious, scared, confused woman for the next five years! Koti was a piece of cake for Linn it was setting me straight that Linn wasn’t prepared for.
Over the years Linn was able to find the patience to guide me in adjusting my views, ideas, thoughts and feelings about myself, Koti, and our relationship together.
The unordinary amount of time was not a lack of expertise on Linn’s part, or Koti’s resistance, it was me that was holding us back. For personal reasons, I simply did not have the confidence, strength or wherewithal to trust and listen to Linn. Koti wanted to be rehabilitated, he needed a leader, Linn was ready to teach, but I was not ready to act. For various reasons it wasn’t until this past September that everything cliqued for us. Koti will always be an intuitive and challenging dog; testing me with his quirky ways, amazing intelligence, and moody behavior, but I’m finally strong enough to use the tools Linn taught me to manage him.
I hired numerous trainers prior to Linn. They all had opinions, gimmicks and ideas (all incredibly expensive) but they ultimately had no solutions for the continuous, unhealthy behaviors. With Linn I had finally found a dependable teacher. His unconditional love for dogs willed him to give beyond to assure Koti and I would be healthy. When Linn makes a decision to work with a client it is certain his passion, love, and commitment to his profession, dogs and owners is infallible. His commitment doesn’t end until everyone is happy, healthy and rehabilitated. If you are ready to change, Linn is ready and able to help.