We cannot thank Linn enough or recommend him highly enough for the job he and his staff have done (and continue to do) in training us (and our dogs).  We have two female jindo mixes and decided (for some reason) to add a male shiba inu puppy to the mix.  The resulting mixture was combustible to say the least and we were recommended to Linn to help us with some very necessary dog training.  Right off the bat, Linn made it clear that, in order for the process to work, not only did the dogs have to be trained, but it was actually more important that Julia and I learn to deal with the dogs in a way that made them feel safe and therefore less aggressive.  This was a hard lesson to learn and it took time but Linn and his staff took that time to work with us and the results have been truly amazing.  With respect to the dogs, Linn and his staff worked tirelessly and effectively to do the training right.  Believe me, with a screaming shiba puppy, doing the training right is no easy task.  If you are considering behavioral training for your dog, I really think you should come in and talk to Linn and find out what he is about because his methods and his people really worked for us.