Remember Wendie and Art with the GSD, Errin, with human aggression over food three years ago?  We were referred by Jerry Stewart?  I was worried about getting it all learned and needed to calm down?  We have wanted to tell you how we fared.  Because of your help, we were able to leave Errin and Mercy off leash, tell them to relax, if necessary, then, at our choosing, allow each one to eat while the other watched, calling Errin away from his food a couple of times if we wanted to.  It was good to see the contentment and happiness on his face as he maintained his boundaries and limitations.
Our sad news is that although he made it to 12yr., we learned that osteoarthritis doesn’t get better.  We euthanized him on June 9, 2008.  We are sending a picture and memorial I wrote. We wanted him to have a good life and to be happy with it.  His face shows us that he was. It was very hard for him to walk on his last day but his face asked if he could have it for memory and to leave us with one.
We feel we accomplished what we wanted, for us to be the alpha and him to be happy with his life.  We were fortunate that he was the kind of dog he was.  He helped us learn to be how we are supposed to be.  It is sometimes said that one usually ruins their first registered dog.  I feel grateful to you, and to Jerry for referring me, for not letting me do that.   
Thank You,
Wendie Stevens-Rodriguez and Art Rodriguez

The Kind of Dog He Was, He Wasn’t Just a Dog
Not all dogs make it to 12 years old, not all German Shepherds make it to12 years old.  Errin was 12 years old, still working sheep and obedience.  A judge once wrote “A lot of dog“.  Intelligent, dependable, good working, pleasant, he’d do what you wanted, all you had to do was tell him.  He was my partner.
He saw himself as my guardian.  I was never afraid when Art was gone or anytime it was just Errin and I.  A Norco sheriff once said “Nobody’s going to touch that car”.  Both Art and I felt safe.
Errin taught me all his life to read your dog, to be with him as an alpha, to herd.  Then we learned osteoarthritis doesn’t get better.  He showed us how to spend time with him his final week, how he wanted to spend time with us.  He smiled on the way to the vet.  We stroked him, told him he was “good Errin, perfect Errin”, that he would be with Easy chasing sheepies, the whole time, while he lay on a towel.  It was so quiet and easy.  He and Sue can be together now, until Art and I  join him someday.  I feel him all over the place, saying “everything’s OK, things are so much easier now”.  You were a very special boy my Errin.  Art and I miss you sweet fellow.  We hold you in our hearts.
Errin – Voneck Valkoa Errin HSAs, TT, PT, HCT, CGC (GSD) ~ 3/30/96 – 6/9/08
Wendie(owner and handler) and Art
   Mom                  and               Dad