Robin and I are most grateful that we met you.  We offer the highest of recommendations of you and ZEN4K9S without hesitation.  You are the epitome of a “calm & assertive” pack leader and a true professional. Your enthusiasm and knowledge about dog rehabilitation is most profound. 
We are extremely pleased with Coby’s recovery, since returning from your rehabilitation program.  Coby is a pleasure in the house, he maintains excellent vigil in this “casa,” (crate), he now socializes with dogs under supervision and has made great strides on leash.   Furthermore, we’ve found that your teaching Coby to walk on a treadmill has been an excellent means of giving him the additional exercise he needs as a young boxer.
As you know, Robin and I rescued Coby from Ace of Hearts in Los Angeles (www.aceofheartsdogs.com).  We were Coby’s third foster family.  Upon fostering him, it was explained to us that Coby was found originally tied-up in the back yard of his owner’s home for hours at a time and with minimal supervision or feeding.  When we rescued him, he was very thin and less than 50 lbs.  Coby’s abuse was observed by an Ace of Hearts sponsor/volunteer, who obtained his rights from the owner and brought Coby to Ace.  Coby circulated through two other families before fate brought him to us.  As a foster-dog, we were told that Coby had numerous fights with other dogs and had jumped through a glass window.  Nevertheless, upon meeting Coby, I knew he was the dog for me.  He’s a handsome dog, he’s active, and has a gregarious and sweet disposition towards people, especially children.  Robin on the other hand, was more skeptical.  Our first weekend with Coby was disastrous.  We couldn’t control him on leash or around other dogs and he could not be trusted alone in our house, even when crated.  In fact, Coby broke free of his crate on two occasions and caused some minor damage in our house.
With a heavy heart, Robin and I agreed that we had to return Coby to Ace.  Until Ace could place him (now for the fourth time), we agreed to foster him until a suitable owner could be found.  At the request of Ace, we also agreed to consult with you.
After our initial consultation, Robin and I instantly noticed marked improvement in our handling of Coby.  We were more confident in our leadership and he became more and more responsive to us.  I secretly began to have second thoughts about returning him.   At the same time, a generous Ace sponsor offered to send Coby to your facility if we would offer to keep him.  After some thought, Robin and I agreed. 
You had Coby in your care for three weeks in May.  As it is now the end of June, we’ve had Coby back with us for about a month.  Coby is now about 60 lbs of lean muscle and regularly is greeted by passer-by’s with compliments.  Both Robin and I are convinced that we made the best decision for Coby.  Since returning home, he’s become a permanent member of our family (and we now have the documentation to prove it!).  We’re so pleased with our decision to give Coby a second chance and are so happy that Coby led us to you.  Both Robin and I are committed to his continued training and development.  Without a doubt, Coby is NOT the same dog that we brought to you in May.  He is better and more importantly, we are better with him and now know how to be the pack leader.  He is amazing.  We absolutely adore him and we have you to thank.
Please count on Robin or myself anytime for a reference.  You are a good friend to dogs and an excellent human being.
Best Regards,
Eric & Robin Garfield
Redondo Beach, CA
p.s.       Robin and I were struggling with pregnancy for over 18 months.  Robin is now about 4 months pregnant and we’ve had Coby for a total of 4 months.  I’m certain that the new and demanding responsibilities of caring for a dog redirected our pregnancy focus.  If we rescued Coby, then perhaps he rescued us in return.