My wife and I adopted our three-year old cocker spaniel, Clifford, from a shelter
and quickly found that he had some unpredictable fearful aggression issues. We reached out to Linn from Zen4K9s for help.

During our initial consultation it became clear that much of the problem was actually coming from simple mistakes and poor leadership that my wife and I were exhibiting. In about an hour, Clifford seemed transformed.

Over the next few months we worked on reinforcing what we’d learned. Clifford
was more in control but was still unpredictably aggressive to certain people. When we found out we were expecting our first child, we felt we should put
Clifford in the full rehab program that Zen4K9s offers.

After three months of intensive work with Clifford (as well as my wife and I), we
saw vast improvements in Clifford’s behavior. Linn and his team helped us create the structure that he needed and establish us as leaders of our pack.

Now Clifford is a calm and happy dog and we’re confident in our ability to control
him. We recommend Zen4K9s to anyone with dog behavior issues.

- E. Jacobs!