Dear Linn and staff,
I’ve been home for about two weeks now and things are better than I could ever have imagined.  I had gone through five different trainers, all who gave up on her and three who said to put her down. I had decided I would never use another trainer again and I would just try to manage Brandi the best I could. Throwing treats at her when she would try to attack a dog, only to find out later I was basically reinforcing the behavior and making it worse.
After many horrible dog attacks and one very scary incident with her ‘locking’ her jaw onto a cow and being rushed to the hospital, I thought there had to be someone out there that could help us. I searched for over a year after that incident and came across an apprentice of yours. Her words were “if anyone can help your dog it will be Linn.” I felt a sense of relief but was still hesitant. After talking to you for over an hour, I hung up the phone in tears. Tears of happiness that I finally found what I knew had to exist, someone to help me help Brandi. 
The weight that was lifted off my shoulders after that first day you met us and had her in with your pack within minutes is indescribable. The overwhelming feeling of power you have given me that I didn’t know I had is life changing.  Not only have you given me the power to be confident with Brandi but I’ve taken charge of my own life as well. I now have the tools to continue to keep Brandi in the calm, stable state of mind she is in.  I get comments on her all the time. On the weekends we walk to get coffee and sit and watch all the dogs and people and she lies quietly by my feet. I live in the moment and enjoy representing what a wonderful breed pit bulls truly are and I am honored to do so.
We go hiking, walking, bike riding and play fetch all with lots of other dogs who she previously would have attacked. Just today I met a family at Starbucks, with Brandi of course, who had a wonderful Sheppard mix and she laid calmly next to him while we chatted.  No one would ever have known just a few months prior this amazing scenario would never happen. I soaked in every minute. Something so simple but so priceless. After, we walked over to Home Depot where two tots and a baby loved all over her while she laid down and rolled over for them to pet her belly.
Every day is better and better. We have set backs here and there but I remember you saying if you don’t know what to do stop and do something you do know how to do. I can tell she enjoys life so much more now. I will forever be grateful for the tools that you and your wonderful staff have given me.  Thank you doesn’t even begin to express the gratitude I have.
Stacy and “Brandi”
PS – If anyone ever is hesitant, like I know I was at first, you are more than welcome to give them my email address and or phone number. I’d be happy to talk to them. Here's a pic so you dont forget us!!!