My story begins with the adoption of a 7 year old Standard Poodle. Prior to Angus I had not owned a pet of any sorts for approximately 15 years. I brought Angus my home in February of 2007. He almost immediately had an “incident” with the neighbors dog. I quickly enrolled Angus in local obedience classes, here in Lake Tahoe and when spring came around hired a trainer to come to the house to help me out. My local trainer was the first person to mention Linn to me. She felt we would see big advancements in Angus’ behavior by sending him to Linn.

Well, when all was said and done, Angus spent 2 weeks with Linn around Christmas. I did not call for updates; I believe no news is good news. I got to pick him up in Los Angeles after the first of the year. I felt very comfortable leaving my dog with this stranger because he came with tremendous qualifications. Although I will admit I was a bit nervous at the drop off.

When I returned to Los Angeles, I was to work with Angus independently. This proved quite stressful for me as I am not comfortable in Southern California. I packed up the dog for home in an attempt to outrun a tremendous winter storm. I would have loved spending more time with Linn and his colleagues. Linn is very gracious in that he will communicate with you almost instantly regarding any issue.

We continue to work with Angus and do have the occasional slip up. Linn has given us tools to work through these things. Linn has specifically taught me for the health/happiness of any dog lies in the humans ability to remain calm and in the moment. Don’t take your dog to the park and check out. Keep a kind eye on your dog while they play.

Angus is doing great. He is enjoying his walks in the forest and around the neighborhood. The tremendous change in Angus upon his return to us was clearly noted in his behavior. He does what ever is asked of him. I can’t thank Linn enough for all he has done for my family. Linn not only trained Angus, but has given me some valuable life lessons I will never forget.

His training has changed our lives.