School of Dog Psychology

The Remote Training Collar (RTC) is a valuable tool of communication used in all the programs offered at ZEN4K9S. Many people have a very negative association to Remote Training Collar’s, thinking of them as “Shock Collar’s.” They are often viewed as instruments of punishment. This is because most electronic collars are insufficient due to their limited number of operating levels. Some have as many as 21 levels while others have as few as 8. Many dogs have an extreme reaction to the stimulation from these collars even at Level 1, hence the “shock.”

The RTC’s we us at ZEN4K9S have 127 operating levels. This enables us to pinpoint your dog’s specific operating level, permitting us to be sensitive not to use unnecessary power.

Also, many trainers are in a hurry and don’t spend nearly enough time introducing both the dog and the owner to the collar properly. At ZEN4K9S, we spend a great deal of time first introducing your dog to the RTC. The dog must fully understand what the stimulation means in order to create a positive association to wearing the collar. This requires unwavering patience, a keen sense of timing and an extensive working knowledge of dog body language. Lacking these skills will create a negative association and could damage the relationship between you and your dog.

Dogs have no concept of timelines and we must respect their limited understanding as we guide them through new challenges. We take our time here at ZEN4K9S so that we can get it done right, not done right now.

Next, you are introduced to using the collar, learning first on the dogs at ZEN4K9S that already have a strong foundation in working with the RTC. This is to ensure that your dog never senses any confusion or doubt from you when you begin to work with it. Your dog will not go home until you are fully competent and comfortable controlling your dog with this tool.

Used the way ZEN4K9S teaches, you will not hurt your dog with the RTC. Our goal is to enhance your relationship and communication skills with your dog to create life-time results.