“What has been spoiled through man’s fault can be made good again through man’s work.” - I Ching

To learn how to control your dogs, we must first learn to master our own emotions that are reflected in our reactions. Because of the closeness of both our species, we have a tendency to mirror each other. If the dog isn’t already mirroring the human, the human will soon mirror the dog, experiencing similar states of mind such as fear, anxiety and frustration that can easily lead to panic and even aggression for everyone involved.

These are symptoms of imbalance that stem from an unstable structure, improper outlets and a lack of any guidance toward more acceptable behaviors. These uncomfortable states of mind can have very negative effects on the body of both human and dog. This creates a pattern of suffering that can last a lifetime unless the human chooses to make a change.

ZEN4K9S is here to help alleviate your confusion and guide you to make the changes needed to develop your own skills and awareness. An acute awareness is needed if you are to gain the power to redirect your dog’s and your own habitual reactive tendencies. It is not uncommon that the first thing you become aware of is how little you and your dog understand each other.