School of Dog Psychology
Practice makes permanent. How you practice determines how you perform.

Doing is more valuable than knowing and it is time for you to put what you have learned to practice and make mistakes on your own. The unique part of this program is that for the following six months after leaving ZEN4K9S, you will be required to record your consultations and any work you do with dogs.

This is the time to give back to your community and offer free consultations to rescue dogs. Pick a rescue group that you like and when a dog is adopted you will donate your time to give these lucky dogs a chance at having a great start to a new life. You will send these recordings back to ZEN4K9S in DVD format for evaluation. Linn will coach and guide you during these six months to become your best.

No other school offers six months of personal mentoring of this kind. This is a crucial period of your growth. Being able to see your strengths and weaknesses from Linn’s point of view is the most valuable part of the School of Dog Psychology.