Patience is the primary element of a powerful mind.

ZEN4K9S is more than a philosophy. It is a life long journey down a path of deep commitment and responsibility that will greatly benefit both humans and dogs. Should you decide to take this journey, ZEN4K9S has cleared three paths for you to choose from, each designed to cater to differing needs. These paths will build a system of discipline to support the right structure for every situation.

Your journey begins with accepting the reality of your dog’s behavioral issues. You will come to understand their causes and what is reinforcing them. You will learn to provide for your dog, both mentally and physically, in order to uphold your responsibilities as an owner, as well as to others your dog interacts with.

Although you may be inspired by immediate progress along the path you choose, understand that we can achieve nothing long-term until we stop the current negative behavioral momentum. This is when you must confront your own issues and face self-doubt to find a balance of effort that is sustainable to keep you moving forward. The destination is well worth the journey, but you cannot get there unless you commit one hundred percent. The relationship you can build will be one of deep connection, appreciation and affection.


ZEN4K9S will keep you pointed in the right direction, but ultimately it will be up to you to maintain the results.