At this point, new and better habits have been established for both you and your dog. You will have a full understanding of your responsibilities and feel confident in your ability to communicate with and control your dog.

It is time to reintegrate your dog into your life and begin your practice of cooperative communication. This will alter and then finalize the way your dog associates itself to you. Your dog will immediately want to pick up where it left off and take control, reacting to old associations. You will be put to the test as you educate your dog with your new skills. Though it will resist, you will persist to prove your leadership and your dog will finally accept your authority.

Linn will reintroduce your dog to its old environment and help you understand what is needed in order to begin practicing on your own. The following two months of this program is meant to reinforce what you have learned and will include abundant support by phone and periodic visits to keep you on the right path of rehabilitation. Ultimately, it is up to you to practice your awareness and maintain your results.