This is an intensive hands-on, life-altering program designed to teach you and your dog a more balanced way of being. Your dog will spend the first thirty days of this three-month program at ZEN4K9S. Dogs have no concept of time, so it is important for you to detach from your feelings about your dog’s behavior and its absence from you.

By displacing your dog’s entire life, Linn and his staff will have the time to establish more acceptable behavioral habits. During the detox period of this program, your dog will let go of the associations it has developed with you and its environment. Associations develop through a connection between a specific event and the feeling it creates. Positive or negative, associations have a powerful influence over reaction.

Reinforcement is the key here. The longer we can reinforce acceptable behavior and the more we control reactions, the stronger the foundation will be for you to take over and maintain your dog’s new behaviors to create new associations with you as the authority.

During this time it is important that you also let go of the associations you have developed because of your dog’s behavior. You will be required to return to ZEN4K9S as much as you can or want. This time is a valuable way for you to learn how to communicate with your dog by first working with the dogs in Linn’s pack. As you struggle to master how to communicate with your dog in a way that it can recognize, you will gain a new respect and empathy for your dog’s inability to understand the expectations you have been holding it accountable for.

Practice makes permanent. How you practice determines how your perform. Take advantage of this time and make all your mistakes here, in front of Linn and his staff.